Founded in 1903 as a manufacturer of bicycles and motorcycles, Thor was a company within Aurora Automatic Machinery Company in Aurora, Illinois. While over time making a wide range of machines and home appliances, they were noted as the company that made the first Hedstrom-designed engines for Indian Motorcycle Company.

Thor gathered steam around 1907. While responsible for building motorcycles under several brand names and over time supplying engines to Indian and frame lugs and cycle parts to many other makers, in 1907 Thor focused on their own motorcycle brand. This included making pure racing motorcycles and launching a racing team with Paul Derkum as its prime rider. Early Thor V-Twins used a distinctive cylinder layout in which the rear cylinder is vertical, the front inclined.

In 1920, soon after the World War ended, Thor’s Board of Directors announced a halt to motorcycle production and Aurora Automatic Machinery company focused on making appliances and housewares.

This fine Thor has undergone a concours quality restoration and is on loan from the Jill and John Parham Collection. It’s on display in the Best of the Best area at the National Motorcycle Museum, home of the finest bikes in the collection.


    • Engine: V-Twin / Inlet Over Exhaust
    • Displacement: 660 cc’s
    • Lubrication: Manual Oil Pump
    • Ignition: Bosch Magneto
    • Horsepower: 6HP
    • Final Drive: Chain Driven
    • Starting: Pedal Crank
    • Frame: Single Loop / Lugged / Brazed
    • Fork: Girder Type
    • Wheels/Tires: 2.50 x 28 / 2.50 x 28
    • Wheelbase: 52 Inches
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