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  1. James Raymond Salko
    James Raymond Salko says:

    Sir: I have a Goodyear/Schwinn Phantom top of the line bicycle sold to me new in 1954 that I am trying to find a new home for due to my advancing age. Bike is in very good original condition except for new replica tires. It is the only schwinn phantom allocated to certain Goodyear stores as a tire promotional item in 1954. Very rare color and badging placed on the bike not seen on regular Schwinn Phantoms. I am interesting in selling it at 5K less than half of what it is worth. Will send you pictures if you are interested.
    You may send interest reply to above email address. I am located in Myrtle Beach Sc but the bike is stored in Bethlem Pa.

  2. Craig Wynn
    Craig Wynn says:

    I road through on Ragbrai a good 25 years ago and you had on display a Víctor BSA 441. I owned one in 1967. My dad sent it to my from NY when I was finishing up AIT at Ft. Hauchuca in Arizona. I drove it back to New York before shipping out to Vietnam. I don’t see it list? Is it still on display?


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