Congratulations on 70 years Mike & Margaret!

With all the uncertainty and change in our world, it’s nice to see something constant. If you know Mike and Margaret Wilson, motorcycling friends from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, you know there are many ways they have never changed, been constantly at each other’s sides, and constantly and tirelessly helping motorcycling.

As Harley-Davidson and later Honda dealers, they too kept the world around them on two wheels. And they helped great racers like Leo Payne succeed in racing. Mike is also part of the antique aviation world. He has given tirelessly to historic projects like the resurrection of Glacier Girl, a World War II aircraft buried under the ice at the South Pole.

Margaret, a lifelong Motor Maid continues to attend the club’s national events and until very recently rode her motorcycle to them. A great listener and judge of character, she is most certainly Mike’s better half.

This couple has greatly helped motorcycle museums and halls of fame continue their work to honor motorcyclings’ past and its great history. They have served on boards, worked events, counseled leaders and given of their resources to make sure the history of motorcycling is preserved.

So this week we honor Margaret and Mike Wilson, married for 70 years, exceptional in so many ways, including in their constant love for each other, and motorcycling.