The Yale motorcycle was built by the Consolidated Manufacturing Company based in Toledo, Ohio, after they had acquired the rights to the California motorcycle. The California is famous as the first internal combustion vehicle to cross the American continent in 1903. The first Yale was the Yale/California built in 1906 and the first actual Yale motorcycle, a 3 1/2 hp, single cylinder model was announced in 1909. This board track bike was built in 1914 and the Yale Motorcycle Company closed the year after.
Yale-SecondThe Consolidated Manufacturing Company continued until December of 1915 when they announced that they had stopped manufacturing motorcycles and also their Yale and Snell bicycles. With the escalating war in Europe there was a large demand for materials to support the conflict, and a large portion of the company’s production was turned over to the manufacture of shrapnel.
Professionally restored by Lonnie Isam, Jr and Bryan VanderLaan, Sturgis, SD
Graciously on loan to The National Motorcycle Museum