Outstanding support from enthusiasts and collectors plus hard work from museum staff and guest curator, author John Stein made the Allstate Motorcycle Quarter MileStones exhibit project a big success. “This is our best changing exhibits gallery project to date,” said National Motorcycle Museum President, John Parham. “I’m really happy with the collection of bikes and how we have showcased some of the great drag racing pioneers like Leo Payne, Clem Johnson, Tom Reiser, Sonnie Routt and Ray Price. The range of drag bikes from the 1950’s all the way up to present makes the exhibit a real lesson in motorcycle drag racing history.”

Just a small part of the exhibit.

Tom's Bomb built by Columbus, Ohio native Tom Reiser in the early 1960's is one of the more outrageous drag bikes in the exhibit.

A pair of Leo Payne's record setting bikes.

A guest checks out some of the coolest drag bikes on earth.

Hard core enthusiasts Bob and Sid Chantland give close scrutiny to Clem Johnson's fabled Vincent-powered "Barn Job" featured in the Allstate Motorcycle Quarter MileStones exhibit.

 In addition to over 20 great drag bikes ranging from Clem Johnson’s “Barn Job” to George Smith’s “TRAMP”, even E.J. Potter’s Bloody Mary – there’s a lot to see! Curator John Stein offers, “This is the most comprehensive display of drag bikes I have ever seen put together. I am proud to have been asked to serve as curator and bring the stories of these inventive men and women to the Museum’s vistors. It’s really a landmark project.”
 The Museum thanks title sponsor Allstate Motorcycle Insurance as well as Gold Sponsors Mike and Margaret Wilson in Memory of Leo Payne and Silver Sponsor Federal Motorcycle Shipping for financial support of the project. This is a temporary exhibit which will be in place only through May 2013.




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