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You’ve heard about it for years, the huge antique and vintage motorcycle swap meet in Davenport, Iowa, about an hour southeast of the National Motorcycle Museum. But have you attended this meet, which some say is, “…the biggest and best motorcycle swap meet in America”?

The success behind this antique meet is the Blackhawk Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. A great crew of volunteers that use the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, invite hundreds of quality vendors with bikes, parts and memorabilia mostly over 35 years old, and even provide great food, a guest speaker, vintage dirt track racing and some educational seminars.


“Everyone is there.” Well, what we mean is, this is THE place where so many knowledgeable, skilled and talented antique motorcycle enthusiasts gather each year to swap parts, information and stories of their summer’s experiences and motorcycle parts finds. You have to experience it to believe it, so make plans to be at the Blackhawk Chapter Davenport Swap Meet this coming August 31 – September 2, 2012, Labor Day weekend. Then you’ll know what we are taking about!


The National Motorcycle Museum has always had a display at Davenport and we invite you to stop by our display, say “Hi” and check out the Museum’s 2012 Indian Chief Fundraiser bike.


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