Story by Paul d’Orleans, Curator, CHOPPER STORY Exhibit

Taking the chopper ball, and running like hell.

The word ‘legend’ is tossed around lightly these days, and any surviving OG chopper dude probably deserves the tag, but Ron Finch is one of few builders from the earliest years of the chopper who is truly legendary. Following his own muse, Finch has always stood as an individual of tremendous artistic creativity and innovative craftsmanship, who follows no one.

His first business, Finch Custom Styled Cycles, was founded in 1965 in Pontiac, Michigan, which ranks him among the earliest professional customizing shops in the industry. By 1972 Finch moved his business to Auburn Hills, Michigan, where he built his unique customs for 30 years. He is still building machines in semi-retirement.

‘Trilogy’ fabrication began in 1978. The machine was inspired by the 1971 Triumph Trident motor at its heart, and ‘3’ is the theme throughout, with 3 wheels, 3 cylinders, 3 exhausts, and even forks shaped like the number! Details in triplicate abound, and Trilogy invites closer inspection, which reveals too many details to recount. Look for trumpet parts, and the bases of a few woks!


  • Engine: 1971 836cc Triumph Trident engine, bored, ported and polished.
  • Chassis fabricated by Finch Styled Customs
  • Paint by Finch Styled Customs
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