When YOU donate to the Museum, where does the money go?


The major art and history museums in America have great collections largely due to the gratitude and thoughtfulness of Americans. These are people who have saved and collected significant objects then decided they need to be enjoyed by broader audiences like those attracted to museums. Assembled for exhibition or publication in books and as reference on the website for entertainment and education, these centralized collections ensure our history is saved and presented for future generations. Your donation of a motorcycle, leather jacket, toy or a poster to the National Motorcycle Museum makes sure thousands of visitors can enjoy it. Call or email the Museum director to discuss what you might consider donating.

You can really make a difference with your donations to the National Motorcycle Museum. Motorcycle history is rich, the people, machines and accomplishments fascinating. But it takes a central organization like the National Motorcycle Museum to bring it all together and present it to today’s and tomorrow’s enthusiasts and their friends. Your donation will typically be recognized in the Museum, and usually in the Museum’s Annual Report. You’ll feel good about playing a role in preserving motorcycle history and set an example for others to help, too.

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