Winter can be a time of frustration for motorcyclists living in the great white north. But if ingenuity and some hard work kick in, snow and ice can become an opportunity!
Starting with a 1960 Harley-Davidson “Panhead” engine and trans, an earlier springer fork and a wide range of sprockets, gears and pulleys plus yards of steel stock, this track-type snow machine came to be. The photos speak to its complexity and probably its weight. But the track seems wide and stout, the three runners supportive, the motor plenty torquey, so it’s likely a pretty good performer. The amount of force required to steer probably brought about the worm gear steering box and steering wheel. No doubt some time with a torch or arc welder kept the builder warm. Maybe it was used to bring in firewood, or maybe it was just a fun machine that evolved over years through addition and modification.

The photos just begin to describe it. You really should stop by the Museum this winter and check it out in person!

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    ANTHONY L. ELLIS says:

    Very cool, 1960 the year I was born ! I was out & about around 30 years ago ,saw this contraption and said “what in the hell is that and how much do you want for it ?” , turned out to be a Chrysler Sno-Runner , bought it then & there , I still own it , not quite as cool as this ,but still American made and for the snow ! HappyNewYear!!!! MR.E

  2. Chris Winters
    Chris Winters says:

    I find it interesting to see that there are snow machines that can run on motorcycle engines. My wife and I want to give our kids a fun snow experience since we live in a warm area. I wonder if we could rent a snow machine to turn our yard into a fun, winter play area.


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