The National Motorcycle Museum exhibitions are designed to help you get a solid grasp of casual motorcycling and racing as well as a taste of American motorcycle culture. You can immerse yourself in the stories of celebrities and characters like Arlen Ness and Von Dutch and take in rare art, sculpture and personal effects from these American legends. A showcase full of images and objects takes you into the wild life of showman Evel Knievel. Round a corner and see the authenticated Captain America chopper from the 1969 cult classic Easy Rider, but also take in dozens of other motorcycle movie posters from around the world.
The Museum is set up in thematic areas and just about every space is crammed with goodies. And you have great access; there are no ropes or barriers, you know not to touch. High ceilings permitted the designers to create a mezzanine to display a fantastic collection of pedal cars also designed as trucks and even airplanes. And there are a few dozen motorcycles and bicycles up there, too. Over 400 rare toys in several large antique showcases may take you back to your childhood and to your grandfather’s.
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